Solar Chocolate Class

Solar Chocolate Class

WHERE: Lakeview Empowerment Center
1218 Batchelor Street, West Columbia, SC 29169

Come out and have fun at our Solar Chocolate Class.  During this fun event, you'll learn how to make Starry Artisan Chocolate Truffles, Belgian Chocolate Dipped Summer Berries, and a Chocolate Melting Moon Dessert.  Chocolatier of Bruges Chocolaterie, Christina Miles, will teach you the basics of chocolate.

Techniques Learned

Tempering Chocolate with Chocolate Melting Moon

Chocolate Ganache with Truffles

Chocolate Dipping Techniques with Summer Berries

 French Appetizers

SC Watermelon with White Chocolate Ganache and Mint

Savory Summer Tomato Pie

Assorted Fruit Tray with Raspberry Chocolate Ganache

Tarte Flambée


We will introduce you to the basis of chocolate and no experience is required. 

You’ll be supplied with everything for the class. Please wear appropriate clothing for this

cooking class. During the chocolate class, you’ll have the opportunity to work in pairs or



The best part of the class is that you can take everything you make with you!!!

 Please feel free to bring your own bottle.